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Zambia Summer Camp 2009

Project Dates: June 9-25, 2009

Zach Zimmerman (extreme right) teaches computer class to students in Zambia

"Computer Classes a Success"

by Doug Horchak

Zach Zimmerman spent the better part of 5 days orienting 13 students (many whom had never touched a computer before...) to the capabilities of the laptop computer. Thanks to one of our members in Dallas that was able to donate 5 IBM Thinkpads (from former employer), we had 7 laptops that Zach used. He "linked" all 7 computers to his for the first day of classes as the students looked at their screen to see what Zach was referring to. He introduced them to the keyboard, the touchpad, the idea of a "cursor", and the many ways which computing can make our lives more organized and even simpler...

It seems most of the students were most impressed by the capabilities of the Power Bible CD Software, and the use of email and the internet. While Zach was unable to connect them to the internet (they were at the Church campsite/feast site/ property), they did get a wonderful chance to see the many capabilities of the laptop computer.

We hope this program can continue with our UYCorps efforts in Zambia next year.

Good work, Zach!

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