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Zambia Summer Camp 2009

Project Dates: June 9-25, 2009

Kristine with local church members in Zambia

"A Sabbath to Remember in Nalubanda"

by Doug Horchak

The Sabbath of June 13th gave Kristine and Zach a chance to see the "real Zambia" where most of our members live--in the rural areas of this beautiful country.

The day began with Mr. Banda and the three of us heading out in his Nissan pickup on a 4-hour trip to the Mumbwa region to spend a Sabbath with most of the three congregations that meet in the environs around the small village of Nalubanda in the south part of the region. The last 80 miles were on dirt road, through the game park, and then to the dusty last 20 kilometers of rough pot-holed road in the bush!

We got to see all of three of the local church halls in the area (and they are all identical with each other!). We met up with about 30 members and family at the house of elder Mr. Jerry Shachoongo. He is a farmer and has quite a successful maize and cotton farm. We ended up at the north congregation which was 8 kilometers off the "main" dirt road....the most remote UCG congregation in all of Zambia. The members were enthusiastic as they walked, rode bikes, cattle carts, and came in a Church truck bed to be together that day. 111 were in attendance and the Sabbath was wonderful. The special music was inspiring, and the post-Sabbath service group meal of freshly harvested Gamesbuck (antelope) was a treat indeed! Zach gave a the sermonette, and Kristine was a hit with all of the children after services. We drove home right before sunset and rattled our way through the bush and rural areas back into Lusaka where we arrived to the comfort of the Banda's home about 9pm Saturday night. It was a "Sabbath to Remember"...

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