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Kenya Summer Camp 2007

Project Dates: December 9-16, 2007

A Personal Commentary

by Jennifer Pennington

If you are thinking about applying for one of the YOUTH CORP projects let me say DO IT! Even if you have traveled the world, and have learned a lot, serving with the YOUTH CORPS will teach you more. Not only about the world and how rich we in America are, but how desperately the whole world needs God and His kingdom. Not only do you develop bonds with the ministers and other young adults you travel with, but you gain an understanding and appreciation for other people and cultures. When you see the news and all the bad that’s happening in other parts of the world you can now understand and pray even more fervently for Jesus’ return.

The experience for me was amazing. I made some wonderful friends, both the young men and women I traveled with and the Kenyan brethren I met. I made friendships that will last forever, even into eternity.

I think that one of my favorite memories is very plain. While walking around camp I would pass some of the campers and they would throw me a shy look, but as soon as I smiled, they lit up chuckled and shouted “Jambo!” I would return with a “Jambo sana!” Although there were language barriers, they knew that we were there to have fun with them and help teach them God’s way of life.

If you are looking for a way to make a difference in someone’s life, and want to serve God and His people and have great stories to tell everyone when you get home, please do not hesitate to apply. It is not like a trip to the beach for vacation, but you will never regret it, and it could possible change your life forever. I know it changed mine. I will never forget the wonderful, beautiful, amazing people of Kenya, especially their kindness, love and outgoing concern. I have learned much from them and can only hope they learned as much from me.

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