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Ghana Summer Camp 2007

Project Dates: August 8-22, 2007

"His Marvelous Light"

by Corbin Rose

After nearly getting married, nearly getting rather ill, and nearly purchasing a goat, I can say that I had an adventurous time in Ghana this year!

Perhaps I’ll explain the near marriage. We had the opportunity to travel to Kumasi for church services the Sabbath following camp. After services, an older lady from the congregation was conversing with Mr. Clark about a prior obligation of his to bring her back an American husband. Unknown to me, he pointed to Josh and me as the potentials. She then came up, gave me a hug, and said that she chose me. So the rest of church went around announcing our engagement and planning the wedding. We did a little dance, and everyone had a good time. (I checked to make sure that it wasn’t an official ceremony, with the dancing and such.)

This trip helped me to realize that ‘people are people,’ in a good way. Ironically, I was able to see similarities more clearly through differences upon spending time with the brethren in Ghana. I now have replaced my media-induced notions about Africans with a new, more positive, warm, and colorful perception. The campers over there, just like us in America, love to tease and joke with each other and have a good time. It was wonderful being able to put faces and names to the brethren in Africa that we are able to help out. I was dancing with them, and singing, and just having a good ole’ time! There are many cultural, hygienic, and social differences, but deep down, God made us all with the same spiritual and mental potential; it is mere circumstances that separate us. We are all brothers and sister in Christ – with the same goals, faith, love, and hope for God’s soon coming kingdom!

“Let your light shine always!” This is probably the main lesson that has continued to stick in my mind most prominently. This is not one of the lessons I thought I would come out with; I hoped that I would have come home instantly more thankful, humble, and understanding of others, but those are not things that are added instantly. I have been able to embrace and appreciate those qualities more so having gone, but still the main lesson was in feeling the need for our examples to always reflect positively no matter who we are with. As long as we’re not condemning and judgmental, we should, as Christians always do what we know to be true, and avoid things that are not good and upright. It is a basic concept, but is more easily accepted than accomplished in our lives continuously. We should shine light for our brothers and sisters in Christ, and help them to remember to do the same, and to do so just as passionately for others around the world, in and out of God’s church. If we try to shine our light solely so far into the distance to others across the world, we leave in darkness those right beside us. We are accountable for changing ourselves and focusing on that, not on changing other people. I was able to see these principles more clearly while on this trip.

It was amazing seeing what God’s work is accomplishing in Africa - I had loved hearing about it, but seeing it firsthand has impacted me greatly. I long for the kingdom a lot more now for these other parts of the world, which will change completely around when God’s government is instituted. It will be a wonderful time, and I am blessed to have gotten to know some of our African brothers and sisters on this trip!

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