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Ghana Summer Camp 2007

Project Dates: August 8-22, 2007

"God's Kingdom"

by Amber Epperson

The United Church of God teaches that God's Kingdom will be a wonderful place where there will be no suffering and everyone will live happy and prosperous lives by following God's laws. People who live in the United States often have a hard time imagining anything better than what they already have. When you have everything, you cannot imagine having any more. It is also hard to imagine what it would be like to live without all of our conveniences.

Traveling to Ghana made me realize how horrible and temporary this world really is. In the United States, nothing is out of your reach. If you want that expensive sports car, all you have to do is sign some papers and it is yours. Your refrigerator is almost always full of anything you could possibly want to eat. In Ghana, it is the exact opposite. Many people do not have cars, food and water is dirty and unsanitary, and electricity is scarce and unpredictable. God tells us that we should pray for the Kingdom to come, but it can sometimes be hard to do while living in the United States. Ghana put things in perspective for me. It made me realize that there are places in the world that really do need the Kingdom to come, even though it may not seem like where we live does.

This world is so temporary and is in desperate need of God's Kingdom. Seeing the third world first hand has helped me to be able to pray fervently for God's Kingdom so that all of mankind's suffering will end.

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