About United Youth Corps...

During the past 30 years, young people in the Church of God have established an excellent track record of service in different regions and nations. The United Youth Corps seeks to continue this fine tradition.

In today's increasingly selfish world, it is especially striking to see young people with the maturity and commitment to live this way of "give" rather than "get". Such examples make an important impact on those who observe them in action.

At the same time, young adults have the energy and freedom from certain family responsibilities that can allow them to serve in ways that may not be possible later in life.

Participating in service projects is an excellent way to form character, to learn the joys of giving and to prepare for further service opportunities. With this in mind, the United Church of God, an International Association, has begun United Youth Corps with various service opportunities.

Outcomes and Mission Statement

The United International Youth Corps is designed to help motivated and desirous young adults (ages 18-35) connect with the work of the Church through service. This dimension of leadership will be awakened and directed toward the vision of the coming kingdom of God in which Christians will be helping rebuild the waste places of the earth and assisting God in serving humanity.

Following is the Mission Statement and Outcomes of the United Church of God's effort to serve the leadership training and experiential needs of our young adults—the next generation of leaders within the Church:

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help our young adults envision and prepare for the coming Kingdom of God. This would be accomplished by helping them to identify with the international nature of the Body of Christ, and with their role in the work of the Church.

Expressed Needs and Desired Outcomes

We believe based on observation and the direct input of this age group, that our young adults need:

1) To understand the Vision of and need for the Kingdom of God
2) To experience and live the vision of the Kingdom
3) To identify with and participate in the "Work of the Church"
4) To understand that BY such participation, they will have become a part of something bigger than themselves

We commit to providing through this and other educational opportunities for our Young Adults.

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